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3 Mental Keys That Helped This Company Sell $250,000 Worth of Product in 25 Minutes

And they did it all without Kickstarter, viral marketing or millions of social media followers.


Powering Forward: How MAGFAST Intends to Simplify Your Wireless Charging Experience

Chances are that you, like most of us, are tired of all your charging cables being so flimsy and breaking so easily and often. It’s just too much to be carrying around so many different cables for all of the devices we have access to these days.


MAGFAST on Computer Talk Radio

Computer Talk Radio talks Seymour Signet and MAGFAST on their June 30th episode. 

Find the audio at 22:00 with the link below.


Magfast, the last powerbank you ever need?

It is a special launch, that of the Magfast. A powerbank concept that the LEGO promises to be among the power banks. A concept where you receive six products in one go and then have nothing to be desired.


maxresdefault (1).jpg

Seymour Segnit, CEO and Founder, MAGFAST

MAGFAST: Commited to Rapid Charging for All Modern Mobile Devices 



MAGFAST Family Of Chargers Announced

MAGFAST has announced the launch of MAGFAST Family, the world’s first complete system of chargers that work beautifully together to eliminate messy charging cables, thanks to world-class design, and the power of magnets.



TechFriday: Lots of hype, lots of early backers for MAGFAST

This time he has added and improved the earlier design and added a “kit” worth of component products that should offer a variety of ways to charge your “things.” He calls the new system



MAGFAST - Changing Charging, Conquering Crowdfunding

MAGFAST, a startup comprised of an expert team in crowdfunding and product development, has reached its goal of $300,000 in their crowdfunding campaign for MAGFAST Family™.



Charge all your devices without all those wires with the Magfast Family

People want what they want, and apparently, that’s a charging system that doesn’t involve a lot of cords, cables, and tangles. On March 21, the crowdfunding campaign for the Magfast Family went live, and in about 15 minutes, managed to reach its goal of $300,000, indicating the strong desire for a new charging solution.


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