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MAGFAST, the last power bank you ever need?

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It is a special launch, that of the Magfast. A powerbank concept that the LEGO promises to be among the power banks. A concept where you receive six products in one go and then have nothing to be desired.

The concept of Magfast consists of six powerbank solutions. These can be magnetically connected to each other to share capacity and charge each other. This while they all have their own specialty. For example, there is a 12v power bank for the car (with LED flashlight), but there are also power banks that you plug directly into an outlet and then also return an outlet.

Although the system primarily uses USB-C and Lightning plugs, the housings also offer space for plugs to, for example, micro-USB. Even the built-in cables are interchangeable so the concept is ready for the future. There is support for wireless charging via qI and even the car can be started via these power banks.

The entire system is currently in a crowdfunding period and should be ready sometime in the summer of 2018.

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