MAGFAST Family Of Chargers Announced

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MAGFAST has announced the launch of MAGFAST Family, the world’s first complete system of chargers that work beautifully together to eliminate messy charging cables, thanks to world-class design, and the power of magnets.

Each individual MAGFAST charger works brilliantly on its own, charging any modern mobile device. MAGFAST power banks are feature-rich with a self-storing and replaceable built-in-cable, traditional USB-A and new USB-C outlets as well as Wireless charging. Together that’s four ways of charging, where most products offer only one.

The real competitive difference is in the patent pending MAGFAST connection that quickly and magnetically connects any two or more components together for easy and rapid charging without wires.

There’s a MAGFAST Family member for every charging situation:

LifeCharger: LifeCharger is a portable powerbank you’ll want to keep with you every day. Easy to keep charged – and to charge any device – it feels great in your hand, yet packs enough power for multiple charges of any smartphone.

LifeCharger Extreme: Like LifeCharger, but packing 27,000mAh, the portable LifeCharger Extreme has the maximum power allowed by FAA law, so is still permitted on an aeroplane. Add the optional jumper cables to the MAGFAST Family purchase, and LifeCharger Extreme can jump start your car.

RoadCharger: Plugged into your 12v outlet RoadCharger gives 4 USB outlets for family charging, as well as the MAGFAST built-in cable and wireless charging. RoadCharger also banks enough energy for multiple smartphone charges, so you can grab it as you leave the car, and keep powering up.

AirCharger: A stylish charging stand for devices that support wireless charging. AirCharger stands on its own on any desktop powered by a USB cable, combines any MAGFAST powerbank or sits neatly atop WallCharger – perfect in the kitchen or office.

WallCharger: WallCharger is a stylish upgrade to one of the world’s most popular charger designs. Instead of turning a wall outlet into a nest of wires, WallCharger neatly provides a station for wireless charging of any mobile device, as well as MAGFAST Family chargers.  Interchangeable adapter tips store neatly in the back, and there’s even two USB outlets underneath for those who just can’t give up their wires.

TimeCharger for Apple Watch: The best way to charge your Apple Watch. TimeCharger starts as a powerbank with the full MAGFAST Family feature set – then adds a neat hinged charging platform to keep Apple Watch going for up to two weeks.

Designed for both Android and iOS, every charger in the MAGFAST Family can be used independently, or combined with any other, like a child’s building block set.

The complete MAGFAST Family is available for pre-order now at, from $49 for individual components and a very special deal for early backers: $297 for the ‘Pro’ Kit comprising a complete family of six MAGFAST chargers with upgrades and accessories (a saving of $328 on retail value).