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MAGFAST - Changing Charging, Conquering Crowdfunding

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NEW YORK, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

MAGFAST reaches goal in 14 minutes 29 seconds

MAGFAST, a startup comprised of an expert team in crowdfunding and product development, has reached its goal of $300,000 in their crowdfunding campaign for MAGFAST Family™.

As a result, MAGFAST Family™, the complete system of chargers, will go into production with an expected delivery date to backers of Summer/Fall 2018. MAGFAST has made an environmental commitment to planting a tree for every unit sold, which numbers are currently in the 891 and counting.

Each individual MAGFAST charger works and connects to eliminate messy charging cables using a world-class design and the power of magnets. MAGFAST power banks are feature-rich with a self-storing and replaceable built-in-cable, traditional USB-A and new USB-C outlets as well as Wireless charging. It works individually on its own and as a family:

LifeCharger™ - a portable power bank for the every day

LifeCharger Extreme™- a super juiced bank, powerful enough to jump start your car

RoadCharger™- designed for your car, charges other family members and shines the dark

AirCharger™ - a gorgeous charging stand for wirelessly charged devices

WallCharger™- a stylish way to avoid the nest of wires in your wall outlet

TimeCharger™ for Apple Watch™- the best way to charge for up to two weeks

Seymour Segnit, Founder & CEO of MAGFAST, comments "Reaching this milestone and being able to go into production is wonderful news, and we're delighted with the support we've had throughout this campaign. We have a fantastic community, who are committed to a great product that not only improves their lives, but also aims to have a positive global impact. We can't wait to start getting the MAGFAST family built and into backers hands, and wish to thank you all for your tremendous input!"

The complete MAGFAST Family is available for pre-order now at, from $49 for individual components and a very special deal for early backers: $297 for the 'Pro' Kit comprising a complete family of six MAGFAST chargers with upgrades and accessories (a saving of $328 on retail value).

Editor's notes:

High-resolution images, logos, and campaign videos at:

For more information on MAGFAST please visit their Facebook, Twitter or YouTube


Founded in 2017, MAGFAST is led by experienced product development and crowdfunding team Amy & Seymour Segnit. The MAGFAST Family of chargers combines gorgeous design and the power of magnets, to create the world's first system of chargers that actually work together, to eliminate cluttered wires and make it far easier to stay charged anywhere at any time. And MAGFAST is changing charging for good by planting a tree for every single product ordered.


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