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Lots of hype, lots of early backers for MAGFAST

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Posted By RichC on March 24, 2017

A couple years ago I backed Seymour Segnit’s ThingCharger project and was very pleased with the “plug-charger” gizmos. After learning from his previous launch, the sharp marketer is giving a new “system project” a try. Take two, if you will. This time he has added and improved the earlier design and added a “kit” worth of component products that should offer a variety of ways to charge your “things.” He calls the new system MAGFAST … since it used magnets I presume?

As a previous buyer and backer, I attended the launch party and live video in an attempt to attract pre-production dollars for the start-up his new company. I knew it would successfully raise the low threshold of $300,000 just by the prep Seymour and his family put into the launch hype … and within an hour surpassed the goal. As of this writing there are nearly 2000 backers and $700,000 in pre-order pledges. Hopefully the production cost, business overhead and inventory issue can be managed a little more efficiently than the last time?

Yes … I’m backing again and looking forward to regular progress reports, something Seymour is excellent at … along with his desire to be ecologically responsible. As a consumer, many buyers/investors are happy to spend a few dollars more for a quality, premium product IF they know the company is doing it part to minimize its environmental footprint. They have started already by planting trees.

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