Charge all your devices without all those wires with the MAGFAST Family

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People want what they want, and apparently, that’s a charging system that doesn’t involve a lot of cords, cables, and tangles. On March 21, the crowdfunding campaign for the Magfast Family went live, and in about 15 minutes, managed to reach its goal of $300,000, indicating the strong desire for a new charging solution.

So what precisely is this highly desirable Magfast? Described as an alternative to messy, wire-laden charging systems, this family of chargers relies on the power of magnets to link together, much like Legos, providing a charging solution that is efficient and easy on the eyes.

The Magfast Family comes with six chargers, covering every charging situation, and promises easy and quick charging for all your mobile devices. All of Magfast’s power banks come with a self-storing and replaceable built-in cable, traditional USB-A and new USB-C outlets, as well as wireless charging.

While each individual Magfast charger can work on its own, the system’s modular design allows you to connect multiple units together for “easy and rapid charging without wires.” There’s the LifeCharger, a portable powerbank that is easy to charge and can easily charge any device, all while fitting in the palm of your hand. Then, there’s the LifeCharger Extreme, which boasts the maximum power allowed by FAA law — that’s enough to jump start your car.

Then, you have the RoadCharger, which when plugged into your 12v outlet gives you 4 USB outlets for you and your carmates to charge your devices with. As for AirCharger, this device supports wireless charging, and promises to be “perfect for the kitchen or office.” The WallCharger claims to provide a station for wireless charging not only for your mobile devices, but for the whole family of Magfast chargers as well. And finally, if you have an Apple Watch, the TimeCharger is for you.

“There’s two problems with most chargers today,” said Seymour Segnit, Magfast founder and CEO. “They’re ugly with all those messy wires, which is no good in your environment — and most are so cheaply made they quickly go to landfill, which is really bad for everyone’s environment.”

“Magfast is changing charging for good with world-class design and the best manufacturing, so these products will really last,” Segnit continued. And best of all, Magfast says it will plant a tree for every product sold during its launch.

You can pre-order the whole Magfast Family now at, from $49 for individual components and $297 for the whole set.