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Seymour Segnit is the passionate and enthusiastic founder, president, and CEO of MAGFAST – an inventive new suite of sleek and powerful “MAGnetic + FAST” wireless chargers that are “changing charging for good.” Segnit founded MAGFAST in 2017 after a four-year run at the helm of another USB charging company, and his new family of wireless, magnetic chargers is set to revolutionize the industry.


Segnit grew up in London and studied engineering at Oxford University, and although he admits that formal education was never his forte, his strong work ethic and grit saw him through a successful early career in communications. Segnit had previous stints at both Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi – two of the world’s largest advertising agencies in London. He then went on to work in broadcasting for Europe's top commercial station, Capital Radio.

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In 1997, a new entrepreneurial project moved Segnit to the U.S. to drive the $25-million venture-backed Silicon Valley startup, Bizfinity. He then founded CTRN: Change That's Right Now in 2002, a web-based business tackling the elimination of debilitating fears and phobias for thousands of customers in over 70 countries.


A common theme among Segnit’s vast and varied career is the pursuit of solutions to issues plaguing his own work life, making everyday tasks faster, easier, and more efficient. Such was the case in the spring of 2011, when the entrepreneur started SPEEDILICIOUS in his home along the New York Hudson Valley. After a project to increase website speed for his own business in 2010, Segnit quickly learned that there was a hole in the market when he couldn’t find any other companies that offered the service in a suitable format for regular businesses. SPEEDILICIOUS was born, optimizing customers’ websites for a faster user experience distributed to a huge network of servers around the world without requiring any coding or changes to sites. SPEEDILICIOUS’ mission to double the speed of customers’ websites for users around the world resounded with the promise: “when websites FLY, more people BUY!”


Segnit’s experience working to create better solutions for wireless and smart charging spanned nearly four years from 2013 to 2016, paving the way for the creation of MAGFAST. According to Segnit, the journey toward MAGFAST was the culmination of an entire career, filled with no shortage of hardships that have led the entrepreneur to a family of colleagues working toward the shared goal of creating the world’s most advanced suite of wireless chargers. 

It’s an extensive family of different chargers that fits an vast range of devices. Each product is individually designed to be ‘best in class’ and are all neatly snap together magnetically, like powerful Lego blocks. With the completed designs now available for pre-order, Segnit says that MAGFAST is just beginning; the team already has half a dozen prototypes in the pipeline for further expansion, and the sky’s the limit for potential growth, as new devices hit the market and savvy consumers demand simple and sleek alternatives to messy cords. Segnit describes the thrill of MAGFAST as “far and away the best work of [his] life.”


Segnit has created a life for himself and his wife Amy along the Hudson river in New York. Together, they have a young daughter, Hudson, so named notwithstanding, not because of, their proximity to the river!    

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Much like Segnit’s other ventures before it, MAGFAST came from a desire to offer simple and beautiful solutions to an everyday problem. The complications of charging are ubiquitous – not specific to any country or people – and there is no singular perfect solution. Different devices require different capabilities as manufacturers move to device-specific jacks, and consumers repeatedly buy the same chargers over and over as wires and bases pile up in junk drawers. Consumers are starting to demand cleaner experiences, and MAGFAST is at the top of an innovative industry leading the change with a few key qualities:


light, wireless and compact.


‘docks’ into a port effortlessly and offers a better connection without interruption.


consumers are looking for speed across devices.


the MAGFAST family is ‘device agnostic’ and charges all phones and tablets from the last decade. 

MAGFAST test-launched in 2017, and its range of products is being crowdfunded to “revolutionize the charging industry by finally delivering a truly great charging experience” in a family of chargers that can be used individually or connected to work as a single unit. The power banks offer self-storing and replaceable built-in cables, along with traditional USB-A and USB-C outlets. Along with wireless charging capabilities, MAGFAST works with basically any device on the market.

The chargers come in a variety of different forms:



an everyday portable power bank offering multiple charges for any smartphone



a major upgrade to one of the most popular charger designs around, now in the MAGFAST fold



the max version that sports an industry first of three Qi wireless ports and has so much power it can jump start your car



a neat desk or MAGFAST Wall mounted charger that also snaps magnetically onto any of MAGFAST’s power banks



offers 6 USB outlets in your car, keeping everyone powered while on the road, and illuminated with a built-in flashlight



a special design for owners of the Apple Watch

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