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Founder, CEO & President | MAGFAST

Seymour Segnit has spent a career finding smart solutions to everyday problems that plague normal folks around the globe. As the passionate and enthusiastic founder, president, and CEO of MAGFAST – a direct-to-consumer startup with an inventive new suite of sleek and powerful wireless chargers that are “changing charging for good” – Segnit is taking the lead at revolutionizing an industry full of complications and confusion. 

Segnit grew up in London, where he went to Westminster School near Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Although he admits that formal education was never his forte, he studied engineering at Oxford University. In his early career, Segnit worked at ad agencies Ogilvy & Mather and Saatchi & Saatchi and was a radio broadcaster at Europe's #1 commercial station, Capital Radio.

After moving to the U.S. in 1997, Segnit was co-founder of a $25-million venture-funded Silicon Valley startup. Website ventures and internet marketing followed in the decade after, including an attempt to transform transportation and even helping individuals get relief from fears and phobias. Prior to MAGFAST, Segnit started his first USB charging company, which grew far too quickly and, as he puts it, “provided the excruciatingly painful experience needed to make MAGFAST a success.” In 2017, Segnit’s laser-focus and entrepreneurial spirit led him to find the missing piece in the consumer market: wireless charging.

MAGFAST, derived simply from MAGnetic + FAST, offers a range of products aimed to “revolutionize the charging industry by finally delivering a truly great charging experience.” The suite of chargers can be used individually or connected to work as a single unit like powerful Lego blocks. With the products’ test launch exceeding their crowdfunding goal of $300,000 in just 15 minutes, Segnit says that MAGFAST is just beginning; the team already has half a dozen prototypes in the pipeline for further expansion, and the sky’s the limit for potential growth as new devices hit the market and savvy consumers demand simple and beautiful alternatives to bulky cords. Segnit describes MAGFAST as “the best work of [his] life.”


Changing charging for good.

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